Kit Out Your Company

We want to KIT out your hard working team in beautiful New Zealand made garments from KILT that will not only have you all looking good but feeling good too.

It’s a fact that when we look the part, we act the part - KILT can ensure your team look the part!

At KILT we have a talented team of designers and stylists on hand to help select the best pieces for you and your team. We have a thoughtful selection of styles that suit most body shapes and we know how important it is that the fabrics used are easy-care and hard wearing.

We are able to work to your colour scheme and to your work environment.

Being New Zealand made means we are able to react to what you want for your work wardrobe at a quicker pace, control our garment quality and we are able to support fellow Kiwis. Because who wouldn’t want to support New Zealanders?

There is a minimum order required per style due to our manufacturing requirements.

For more information, please see our terms and conditions or email us at

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