We think New Zealanders are really clever at making really cool stuff and we believe it's worth celebrating!

In February 2012 we decided to create NZ Made March as a fun and exciting opportunity to raise awareness throughout our company and as a challenge to ourselves to only purchase New Zealand Made products, as often as possible.


Being a New Zealand made clothing company, we want to show our support for all local industry by purchasing only New Zealand made products during the month of March, where possible.

We want to challenge all of our KILTies to do this too.

To help you with this, we'll be showcasing some amazing NZ made brands during the month of March, over on our Facebook page. Also, because they're so amazing, they've gifted us with some great goodies that you can be in to win!

2018 NZMM Participants:  Dermatech Ltd, I Love Ltd, Ecostore, Barkers of Geraldine, Mossops, The Art Room LtdGolly Gosh, Classic Sheepskins, Fix & Fogg, Tom & Luke, Devonport Chocolates and Cookie Time.



If you are a NZ made business, who would like to participate, please let us know! 

To find out more please email nzmademarch@kilt.co.nz