At KILT our job is to make women feel amazing.

It’s a pretty sweet job to be honest, we are passionate about our brand and work really hard to achieve our goals, but we feel pretty bad calling it "work” as really it should be called "fun”!

If you are interested in working in fashion, and you want to get into a company that is supportive and offers growth and progression and you feel that you want more fun and less work in your life, then please get in touch with us. 

We are always on the lookout for people who are passionate about fashion, that have an eye for style and that love to have a laugh!

We are currently recruiting for amazing Assistant Managers for our Taupo and Ponsonby boutiques! 

We are also looking for awesome part time stylists for Christchurch and Takapuna.

If this sounds like you please get in contact with your local boutique for part-time stylist roles or for our boutique manager roles please contact

what our stylists say about working at Kilt:

"I applied for my position at KILT because I have always loved the clothing and have a lot of faith in the brand itself. Since I have worked here I’ve realised how important this is to KILT because all of the ladies here have such a strong passion and sincere love for what we do. We don’t sell, we style; we offer options and suggestions, show off features and benefits, and tell everyone why we love all of our garments so much. It doesn’t feel like work when you get to wear and talk about something you love all day with other ladies who share that same view, and I think that’s something really special about being part of our family here."

Eva, Wellington Boutique x

"Being a KILTie is being authentic. Bringing the love to work, sharing it with our custies, showing extra special attention and respect to everyone we meet. Sharing our positive attitude to life, reflecting the warm heart inside each and everyone of us. Warm hearts with kind souls, giving a positive piece of ourselves to every customer we meet!"
Carla and Jess, New Plymouth Boutique x

"Throughout my time at KILT I have learnt so much about styling, the NZ fashion industry and I have met so many incredible women! I love the sense of empowerment in KILT we feel great and we want every other women that steps in the door to feel just the same! I so value the many KILTie friendships around the country I have made - but the best part is my ever-growing wardrobe, now full of the most beautiful KILT dresses!"
Clare, Taupo Boutique x