Size Guide

This general size guide indicates the measurements of your body. For specific garment measurements, please see the measurements table under each garment's DETAILS area.

Size Bust Waist Hip
6/XS 76cm 59cm 89cm
8/XS-S 81cm 64cm 94cm
10/S-M 86cm 69cm 99cm
12/M-L 91cm 74cm 104cm
14/L 96cm 79cm 109cm
16/XL 101cm 84cm 114cm

When taking measurements, hold the tape measure the way you would like the garment to fit, close to the body but not tight.

Bust - measure around the fullest part of the bust

Waist - measure above your belly button and below your rib cage

Hips -the widest point of your body

Petite, OSFM 

OSFM (one size fits most) is our generic size that fits sizes 6-18. This can vary depending on the garment. It is not a fitted style, so it can look great on almost everyone! 

Petite is very similar but is slightly shorter and smaller and best fits a size 6-10. This can vary depending on the garment. 

On each garment, we shoot both sizes on our models. If you have any questions regarding these sizes, please email us - at

Garment Care

Because we want your new KILT piece to last you for years to come and because we have no control over what chemicals are used in everyday products (such as perfumes, makeup, facial cleanser, body lotions, body sprays, deodorant, hair spray products, cleaning products etc.), we have put together a list of things you can do to make your clothes last!

Always follow washing instructions inside your garment.

• Make sure your detergent is fully dissolved before submerging your garment, as direct contact with any detergent can bleach fabric or weaken fibres.

• We recommend using a detergent specially formulated for delicate fabrics such as a wool wash.

Always hand wash reasonably quickly (5-10 minutes) in cold water.

Always rinse your garment after washing to remove any detergent residue.

Never soak your garment and immediately line dry after gently squeezing out excess water.

• Dry your gorgeous garment in the shade, our sun is pretty powerful in New Zealand and we don't want it to fade or discolour your clothes.

Don't use pegs! These guys can leave some nasty marks on delicate or thick fabrics. Where possible hang your item on or over a hanger (non-clip).

• If drying flat, use an airing rack where the air can still circulate through the garment.

• Excess rubbing will cause fading on screen prints.

Never spot clean your garments as this can create marks. If you have a mark or stain you want to try and remove, we recommend taking it to your local dry cleaner for advice.

• Extra care is needed with delicate or sequinned fabrics.

• Clothes dryers can shrink your beautiful garments, don't do it!

• Make sure your deodorant, lotions and sprays are completely dry before getting dressed.

Never spray perfume (or anything) directly on clothing or jewellery.

• We use lots of gorgeous rayon and viscose fabrics, this type of fabric may appear to shrink with washing however a warm steamy press will return your garment back to its original size.

• And finally, don't lend your size 8 clothes to your size 12 friend! This will cause stress on the seams and they may pull.

KILT will always stand behind manufacturing faults but we cannot be held responsible for any other damage to the fabric.

Choose fabrics and garments that are practical for your lifestyle and taste.  Caring for garments should not result in faults or be a chore. Getting dressed each day should be fun and an exciting part of your day, not a constant worry about what may happen to your beloved clothes!

Certain types of fibres and weaves are more prone to fabric pilling than others and can occur either due to the natural tendency of fibres or as a result of excessive rubbing on the fabric surface. Watch out for your bags, belts and necklaces as these commonly cause pilling on garments.