Favourite Memory of the Day

"Seeing Matt for the first time when we did our first look and photos before the ceremony. I felt nervous from the excitement of the day and that all went away when I was with him. Advice for future brides: Be organised but take it easy! Remember to enjoy every moment of the day because it will be over so fast."

What Katie loved about KILT Bridesmaids

"The girls in The Tannery boutique were so helpful and had so many good suggestions for the girls' dresses, helping us find the perfect fit and length for each dress. When it came to ordering the dresses Katie and the rest of the team were just as helpful and so easy to communicate with. The personal service we received in store and online was outstanding! We so enjoyed the range of dress designs and colours. I chose the non-sheer navy fabric and the girls each chose the design they felt most beautiful and comfortable in. They looked absolutely stunning on the day and each of them have said they will be wearing their dresses again! Thanks so much Kilt team."


Favourite Memory of the Day

"Aside from marrying my best friend and sharing it with my loved ones. I remember vividly putting my flower crown on, I was like woah! It was way bigger than I imagined and I got a wee fright, but I absolutely LOVED IT! It made me feel like a gypsy princess and the colours of the flowers brought everything together. Everything after that was a whirl wind."

Advice for Future Brides

"Chill. Even if everything doesn’t go to plan, if you miss doing a few things, you still get to marry the love of your life and share it will all your friends and family."

What Jodie loved about KILT Bridesmaids

"The versatility of the styles. We went with the Keia T dress as it fits different body shapes and worked well with my sister breastfeeding. I also loved that the girls would be able to wear the dresses again after the wedding. They all ended up wearing them similarly, but it was cool that if they wanted they could adjust the dress to suit their own shape/style."


Favourite Memory of the Day

"Taking photos with the bridal party just after the ceremony. We took the official family photos, then our photographer stole us all away for some beautiful lighting. The venue made us up a hamper of nibbles and bubbles. We were away from the guests for about 45 minutes and it was so special to be able to spend that time with my girls. You can see in my face how happy and relaxed I was with them next to me!"

Advice for Future Brides

"Don’t worry about tradition or what people think you 'should’ do! I chose shorter dresses for my bridesmaids and different styles- 2 had one style and the third had another. Even though it’s your day, you want your girls to be comfortable, right? I made absolutely sure that we chose dresses together that they felt comfortable and beautiful in. If they feel gorgeous, and you think they look it, it will show on their faces and in your photos."

What Tessa loved about KILT Bridesmaids

"So many things! But in particular how you can mix-and-match styles with the same fabric as I did. I had everyone matching, but also in a dress that suited them. There were also so many styles to choose from, so it was nice to give the girls a choice of a range. I also liked how I could add up to 10cm to the dress length- for me it made all the difference to the formality of the dresses. And my girls were more comfortable too. Not to mention how affordable it was, considering you are getting brand new hand made dresses!"


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